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High-Level Disinfection solutions without using caustic chemicals, tailored to your business needs.


Our mobile disinfection teams transport this powerful UVC technology to you, for a no-mess disinfection with proven results.

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Solutions for sustainable microbiological control

Advantages of UVC

powered by Thor UVC technology

Verification Reports 

Chemical-Free Processes

Our validated process removes the need to wipe down
equipment and surfaces after exposure with no damage to your sensitive electronics.


Once the UV lights are off, your teams can rest easy
knowing the bioburden has been reduced and product release continues.

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Verification Reports 

Thor UVC Technology generates an instant report with the time and date of exposure and disinfection map.


A follow-up
project report contains additional data as well – everything needed to
demonstrate FDA compliance.


Emergency Services


Get your business back up and running in as little as 24 hours with a proven process that reduces & eliminates microorganisms.


Contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation and demonstration in your facility.

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"We have utilized Bio-One Sciences disinfection service several times over the past 6 months and have been very impressed with how thorough they are, their responsiveness and level of professionalism. They have responded to us each time quickly and with a "We will take care of that for you today" approach."  

Kevin O'Connor, Westfield Bank

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UVC Room Decontamination

Thor UVC technology is a mobile unit utilized for high level disinfection of any room or surface
See The Bio-One Cleanroom Disinfection White Paper

Bio-One Sciences

Bio-One Sciences

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