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Branded cleaning van
Our technicians utilize cutting edge UVC technology to virtually


keeping your business operational with minimal un-scheduled
downtime and unwarranted activities, saving time and money 

Bio-One Sciences deploys the revolutionary and environmentally friendly THOR UVC ® system to provide fast and high level disinfection of any area. Add to your regular cleaning schedule and/or replace your current emergency response entirely. Our validated process gets your business back up and running without toxic chemicals or tedious clean-up afterward.

Image by NASA

THOR UVC Technology 

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THOR UVC ®  is a high-output UVC disinfection robot, which utilizes unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and prescriptive dose of
continuous-wave UVC energy killing airborne and surface pathogens.

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THOR UVC ®  is an intelligent device and completely removes the guess work and ineffectiveness of regular cleaning

Air disinfection: UVC kills 99.9999% of airborne disease-causing pathogens.

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We supply a post disinfection analysis/report documenting space and time terminally cleaned. This is critical, supporting documentation
demonstrating steps are taken to mitigate pathogens specific to space

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